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Wooden Erotic Slingshots SOLD
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Hand-carved Wooden Erotic Slingshots

Title: Hand-carved Wooden Erotic Slingshots
Description: Wonderful & Unique Guatemalan Original Folk Art: Erotic Slingshots: Set of 3
*featuring humans, animals, devil (more…)

Seated Primitive Man #1638
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Title: Seated Primitive Man #1638
Description: Slingshot from Ixil region of Guatemala.
Materials: Polychromed hard wood.
Dimensions: 5″ tall (more…)

Orange Figure #1645 SOLD
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red man slingshot_1645_f

Title: Orange Figure #1645
Description: Slingshot from Ixil region of Guatemala.
Materials: Polychromed cedar wood.
Dimensions: 6″ tall (more…)

Primitive Man #1900
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Title: Primitive Man #1900
Description: Slingshot from Ixil / Upper Quiche region of Guatemala.
Materials: Polychromed hardwood (guachipilin)
Dimensions: 7 1/2″ tall (more…)

Painted Man Slingshot #1817 SOLD
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Title: Painted Man Slingshot #1817
Description: Hombre mask from Escuintla, Guatemala.
Dance unknown.
Materials: Polychromed hardwood.
Dimensions: 7″ tall (more…)

Man in a Tree #1687 S O L D
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Title: Man in a Tree #1687
Description: Slingshot from Coastal Nahuala, Guatemala.
Materials: Hardwood (guachipilin)
Dimensions: 8″ tall (more…)

Primitive Woman #1590 SO L D
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woman slingshot_1590_d

Title: Primitive Woman #1590
Description: Slingshot from Ixil region, Guatemala.
Materials: Hardwood.
Dimensions: 6″ tall (more…)

Snake Slingshot # 0649
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Title: Snake Slingshot # 0649
Description: Snake slingshot from Guatemala, Guatemala.
Dimensions: 7 1/2″ tall (more…)

Man slingshot # 1379 SOLD
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Title: Man slingshot # 1379
Description: Man slingshot from Guatemala, Guatemala. Good antique condition
Dimensions: 6 1/2″ tall (more…)

Lion Slingshot #0670 SOLD
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Title: Lion Slingshot #0670
Description: Lion Slingshot from Guatemala, Guatemala.
Dimensions: 6 1/2″ length * 6 1/2″ width (more…)