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The Guatemalan Slingshot Book

Front view of The Guatemalan Slingshot

The Guatemalan Slingshot Book – Las Hondas Guatemaltecas
Hardcover: 283 Pages
Dimensions: 11.4 x 10.3 x 1.4 inches
ISBN: 978-99922-937-0-6
Language: Spanish and English
Country: Guatemala
Weight: 4 1/5 pounds
Price: $165.00 including shipping

This book is the only comprehensive survey of Guatemalan slingshots ever assembled and the first serious exploration of the subject. Up until now, this traditional handicraft has only been prized by collectors and the artisans themselves. However, original shapes and elaborate carvings using imagery derived from the animal kingdom, Mayan and Catholic iconography, myths, and historic events make them stand out as cultural artifacts. With this publication, this unique craft gains the importance it deserves. The Guatemalan Slingshot delves into the history, culture, and artistry behind the creation of these distinctive objects and places the slingshot into the broader historical and cultural context of Guatemalan life. The book is also a beautiful visual document with over 50 photographs of Guatemala and its culture and over 400 color photographs of slingshots ranging from Superman to the Virgin Mary, soldiers to guerilla fighters, Quetzales, traditional dancers, and beyond.
La Ruta Maya Conservation Foundation, publisher of this book, is committed to rescuing and safekeeping the cultural treasures of Central America and educating new generations to preserve them in a sustainable way. The Guatemalan Slingshot is the first in a series of publications about the pre-Columbian and popular art of the region. Through the work of writers and historians, these high quality editions expand awareness and further understanding of these artforms. The foundation also seeks to contribute to the recovery and study of pre-Columbian artifacts through the repatriation, conservation, and exhibition of archeological pieces. To this end, the foundation is leading the creation of a world class museum, Museum del Mundo Maya, devoted to preserving the region’s pre-Columbian cultural legacy.


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Back view of The Guatemalan Slingshot

The Guatemalan Slingshot

The Guatemalan Slingshot

The Guatemalan Slingshot